Team Relay Dungeon

The main point with this quest (also referred to as TCQ Team Challenge Quest) is using fighters who 1) have long time stopping ultimate move animations and b) can build meter quickly. As the ultimate animations are happening, the other fighters continue to fight, building meter. If normal mode is used, the fighter will not be guided to the opponent, and often off screen, causing a waste of attack, so full auto is recommended. However, some fighters have a long 5pg and short 3pg, so these will need to be monitored and restrained with semi auto mode, where the player can decide when to use specials and super attacks.

Upon starting the quest, the player is given one team. Every time the attempt fails, the teams are increased by one, up to a maximum of five teams. So, some quests will take more than one week to complete.

The best sets are simply the strongest card sets plus the cooldown cards (Maxima, Kula). However, the Start set (Kyo) can help fighters build meter more quickly. The Rehearsal (Chris) reduces ultimate move cooldown by 2.1 seconds. The Bloody Halloween (Heidern) card increases attack speed by 5% and gives balance characters a 1.2% power charge increase when landing a skill attack.

TIP: While the attempts are limited to 3 per week, experiment and quit before the time runs out. The attempt will not be counted!

Once the quest is completed, it can be automatically completed, make sure to press "auto clear" and not "auto battle"!

Green Giant Welder

This boss has the biggest HP but arguably is the hardest because if the player is unlucky, the Welder will repeat the spinning attack which can disrupt everything by sending the team into the air, losing precious time. The flame attack can be avoided by simply standing right next to the welder while it goes overhead. Every match is a matter of luck. Keep trying!

  • W.Athena
  • The Rock with 3pg card
  • P.Yashiro
  • Haohmaru
  • Genjuro
  • Paul/Jin/Armour King
  • EQ.Chizuru

    The star players for this quest are Wonderland Athena and Pretty Yashiro, who were available a few times from the AS Super Missions. With festival Athena's ultimate card equipped, Athena's power guage core will have her blasting the boss while Yashiro just keeps pounding.

    Use your leader bonus to maximise damage

  • Orochi Iori 60%
  • P Zero Nests 45
  • Haohmaru Samsho 55%
  • Vanessa Red 50%
  • Orochi, Ash, Chizuru....

    Video completing in 1 team

  • It's out there somewhere but now I can't find it! It was definitely with P.Yashiro. W.Athena and Armour King. Help?

    Video completing in 2 teams

  • W.Athena, Chizuru, EQ.Orochi
  • Videos completing in 3 teams

  • W.Athena/Rock/Orochi
  • O.Iori, Haohmaru, Goenitz

    The best team would be fully buffed fighters but it can be done with less resources. Videos completing in 5 teams


  • Red Giant Mighty Most

    The player may want to guide the characters when the strips appear on the floor or just activate invincible moves to get through. Again it can be a matter of luck, or bad luck, when the Mighty decides to jump into the air...

  • W.Athena
  • P.Yashiro
  • Valentine Kasumi
  • Biker Chizuru
  • Free the Rock
  • EQ Saisyu
  • Amakusa


  • 1 team!
  • 3 teams

    Purple Giant Arms Black

    As the constraints get tighter, the game is pushing the player to pick up the Epic Quest or Collab characters. It's definitely time to invest in Epic Quest, minimum!

  • Free the Rock, EQ Chizuru, 96 Leona
  • V.Kasumi/Jin/EQ Chizuru
  • 98 Yashiro / EQ Saisyu / Free the Rock
  • Free the Rock, Ukyo, Festival Athena

    Giant Hammer Jack

    Star players here are 98 Yuri who gives a 20% power gauge boost to her team during her ultimate and 96 Yuri, who gives balance fighters a charge increase of 40%. Your back up should be Epic Quest characters or someone awakened!

  • 2 Teams: EQ Rugal, 98 Yuri, Awakened Xmas Choi + 96 Yuri, EQ Mary, 94 Joe Highashi
  • 1 Team: EQ Rugal, 98 Yuri, 95 Athena